Are you an expat intending to make your living in Amsterdam?

Welcome home

Welcome to Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Or perhaps: welcome home – after all, if you are an expat intending to make your living here and looking at houses, it appears you intend to remain for a prolonged period of time.


You will probably have found a good deal of information online, already. However, some of it will be dated, some of it may even be contradictory. It is only natural to wonder who to trust and what to believe. It would be better to have all of that business taken care of for you: one-stop shopping is the catchphrase that describes what you are looking for.


Voorma & Millenaar is the reliable and experienced real estate broker in Amsterdam and Amstelveen that is able to cater to exactly that wish.

Buying Real Estate

Many expats choose to rent property when working in Amsterdam. Some firms may already have bought Amsterdam real estate, in order to supply their employees with a place to live while in Amsterdam, other firms may have other incentives and leave the details of living in Amsterdam to their employees. If you fall into the latter category, it might be worthwhile for you to consider owning a property in Amsterdam.

If the bustle of the city is not for you, Amstelveen is an excellent alternative for Amsterdam. It is a haven of peace and quiet, but it has a direct connection to the city. It is more spacious than Amsterdam, parking is easier by far, and the housing market is less frantic, there. While Amstelveen offers all the perks of a large city, it is a suburban area with a quieter atmosphere.